Don’t be caught alone and helpless. Let your iPhone be your protector!
In any emergency SILENT BODYGUARD is your personal silent panic button! Only YOU will know!
When you’re in danger, automatically send out your location via text messages, Twitter, Facebook, and email every 60 seconds to your pre-designated emergency contacts.
When you trigger this app, it will track your moves and let your emergency contacts know to come help you. It will send out messages continuously with location updates.
LA Times: “A necessity for my phone”!
A CALL FOR HELP YOUR ASSAILANT CAN’T HEAR –Silent Bodyguard is a SECRET PANIC BUTTON/LOCATION TRACKER that sends a silent SOS with your location to your emergency contacts — without alerting an onlooker or an attacker.
“This may be the single most important tool you and your loved ones could ever have on their iPhone or iPod Touch.”
LA Times “A necessity for my phone”!
Apple iTunes App Store “What’s Hot”!
MacWorld says “iPhone triggers distress signal in case of kidnapping”
Cult Of Mac says “App Arms Users with Silent Panic Button”!
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Released for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!
HOW DOES IT WORK? It sends an SOS distress signal with GPS coordinates to immediately reach potential rescuers who the phone owner has pre-programmed into the mobile phone without alerting any onlookers.
“This may be the single most important tool you and your loved ones could ever have on their iPhone or iPod Touch.”
Silent Bodyguard sends an SOS and notifies your emergency contacts of your location — without alerting an attacker.
What makes Silent Bodyguard better than a simple panic button? Silent Bodyguard activates without onlookers knowing that your are summoning help.
This product works with iPhones and iPod Touches, but requires an Internet signal to work, and a location signal to provide your location. Anytime you’re in cell coverage it should work. Anytime you’re in WiFi (wireless internet) coverage, like in the basement of a computer lab, it should still work, even without cell coverage.
This product is meant as a communication aid. Community emergency numbers such as “911” are the recommended way to report emergencies. All app purchases are subject to iTunes End User License Agreement for Apps.
Silent Bodyguard – Your Personal Panic Button