HT NIOSH Lift calculator By Humantech, Inc.

By some estimates, the effects of manual material handling represent the biggest single contributor to worker injury in the United States.
According to the 2010 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, overexertion injuries (which include injuries related to lifting) are the most disabling of all workplace injuries, accounting for $13.4 billion in direct costs. In 1991, NIOSH (The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) developed the NIOSH Lifting Equation to “assist in the identification of ergonomic solutions for reducing physical stressors associated with manual lifting.” This model has been widely used by industrial safety professionals since its creation. Now you can take it with you.

The certified professional ergonomists (CPEs) at Humantech developed htLiftCalc to quickly and easily perform the NIOSH Lifting Equation whenever and wherever you need it. It is available for use in both metric and standard measurement. You can use this application at the job site to evaluate both existing and proposed lifting conditions to determine the Recommended Weight Limit (RWL) of a specific job or task. It can also help you prioritize hazardous jobs that require ergonomic intervention. htLiftCalc is copyright of Humantech, Inc.
It is formulated according to the work of Thomas R. Water, PhD; Vern Putz-Anderson, PhD; and Arun Garg, PhD of NIOSH as described in the Applications Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation (NIOSH, January 1994).

FysioNieuws van Rob Donkers


Altijd en overal op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen over fysiotherapie. Met deze app mis je niets!
Functies applicatie:
– Altijd het laatste nieuwsberichten, comments en forumberichten van FysioForum
– De vacatures van houden u mobiel
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BMI/BAI Calculator van Juliana Apolo

With this application you’ll know how good your body fat content. You can find out if it is above or below the weight recommended by WHO.
The Body Adiposity Index (BAI) is a new method to measure the amount of fat in the body proposed by the team physiologist Richard Bergman, University of Southern California (Los Angeles), published in March 2011 the journal Obesity.
The height and extent of the hips of an individual is used to point out who is above or below the ideal weight. The greater the circumference of the hips, the greater the change of the same being overweight. 

Healthy Computing‎

Discover How To Stay Healthy, And Fit While Working In Front Of A Computer Day In And Day Out!
This guide provides the proven-effective advice for healthy computer usage.
Here is what you will discover inside…
Seating Positions
Selection and Arrangement of the Components for the Workstation
Probable risks and feasible solutions
Workstation ergonomics
Workstation accessories usage
Self assessment questionnaire
Disorders, Ailments and Cure
Medical Awareness and Training
Occu-Bright, can it help your eyes?
Dangerous GAS from COMPUTERS
Chemicals From Computers
Experiences of some computer users from different walks of life.
4 Steps to Setting Up Your Computer Workstation
Some Exercises for Computer Users
Speak-in to your computer
and much, Much More!
Healthy Computing‎ 

Computer Ergonomics‎

This application contains more than 15 user friendly animated exercise program for Computer Ergonomics.
These work posture exercises or can mostly be done in your computer workstation. They are great to do during the mini breaks you’re supposed to take during the day to avoid computer injuries. Do these exercises a few times today. Relax and do them gently.
Exercises: Neck Tilts, Shoulder Shrugs, Arm Stretch, Neck Stretch, Upper back stretch, Wrist stretch, Hand exercise, Finger exercise, Elbow flexion, Chinb tucks, Shouler rotations, Truk rotations, Standng Extension, Hip marching, Ankle pump.
This application is not meant to be used in any medical or legal decision making, or they should contact emergency response 911 when they are in a medical urgent situation for example.