Have you ever been confused about which light source should be used to reach a satisfactory
brightness level for a particular ambience? Or are you looking for an energy saving light source
to replace your incandescent or halogen lamp? The MEGAMAN® LuxMeter provides practical
and applicable lighting solutions to meet your needs.
Not only could a good lighting solution lift your mood, but it could also ease the burden on
energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint
The MEGAMAN® LuxMeter key feature emulates a lux meter to measure the light levels of
an environment. In addition to the recommended illuminance of a given environment, useful
lighting tips are supplied to help you to make the ideal choice.
LuxMeter – LuxMeter measures the brightness of the environment right away! Initiate the
LuxMeter function and tap the ‘OK’ button, and you can assess the illuminance of where you
are, with follow-up green lighting tips and recommendations to achieve the ideal lighting
Lamp Finder – Lamp Finder allows you to find an eco-replacement bulb for your lamp. Simply
select the shape of your existing lamp and take a picture of it. A list of corresponding CFL and
LED lamp alternatives with effective energy savings will be recommended to you. You can also
share the photo in funny frames on Facebook.
Energy Savings Cal – See how much you could save from your wallet and the environment by
switching from conventional blubs to CFL and LED lamps. You will be impressed by the cost
savings that can be made and the amount of CO2 that can be reduced with a simple change.
Concept Store – Find the nearest store wherever you are. By activating your GPS, you can find
your way to green lighting solutions at any time, anywhere.