What are you thinking about?

Een goede voorlichting over de risico’s en werkinstructie hoe daar mee om te gaan zijn niet alleen verplicht maar draagt ook bij aan de veiligheid en gezondheid van anderen. Een taalbariere kan funest zijn…

“What are you thinking about?” 


Safety Talks Lite

Safety Talks is an illustrated training aid, covering all the main safety related topics for many industries in an easy to follow method.
Each Safety Talk gives the reader a simple outline of Health and Safety with SpeechBubble’s unique illustrations.
The Safety Talks included in the Free Version is:
– First Aid
– Fire Safety
– Manual Handling
Full Version Details
If you like this please take time to download our Full Edition on iTunes.
The full library at the end will be over 60 Safety Talks (check www.speechbubble.ie for full list of Safety Talks). 


StickmanKnows is a Spokane-specific application providing pedestrian, bicyclist and motorist safety information. The application contains local laws, local facts and several tips about how to be safe on the roads of Spokane County.
This application is part of a large campaign to bring awareness to traffic safety laws and to combat the ever-increasing number of accidents that happen in Spokane County.