The latest release from Corporate App Development company Veam Studios, Safety Pro brings together the very best features of Site Safety and Site Audit Pro; Veam’s two hugely popular safety Apps.
Based on feedback from the thousands of weekly users of our previous Apps, Safety Pro is the App that you have all been waiting for!
This well thought out App platform allows you to test the sections that are required for that specific job. This construction health and safety App does this as well as gives you a platform to record audio, take pictures and produce a report with all the details that you can send back to the office.
The Upgrade can be purchased to allow you to build your very own tests. Create your own Categories and Tests so that you can customise the App to suite your very own business needs!
Why spend thousands getting an agency to build a custom App for your business when you can purchase our App and upgrade for a tiny percentage of what it would have cost!
The Features:
Default App comes with over 80 tests.
Add Photos of issues you find.
Annotate the images by hand.
Record Audio or Speech for each test.
iPhone 4S Users can dictate to the App!
Full PDF Generation.
Email PDF or all files compressed to a .zip (PDF, Images, Audio Files)
Upgrade to TOTALLY customize the tests!
★★★ As Featured in ‘Construction National’ & ‘Premiere Construction’ Magazines ★★★
TRY NOW FOR FREE – This is the Lite version of Safety Pro – by Veam Studios
WARNING – Restrictions:
– In the Lite version you will not be able to send the generated PDF Reports, Images or Audio files
– In the Lite version you are limited to one Project
– You will not be able to build custom projects
Purchase the full App today to enjoy no restrictions!