Ultra decibel measures the volume and helps you figure out how big the noise level compared to the same values. Ultra decibel measures the sound pressure level with built-in microphone in the iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch 4G. iPod Touch 2G and iPod Touch 3G users have to use an external microphone, since these devices have no built-in microphone.
Calibrate with Ultra decibels all the surround speakers on the same level.
Ultra Decibel measures the sound pressure level in the logarithmic unit of dB(c).
You want know how loud is your music or your TV? Or is the neighbor again too loud? With Decibel Ultra you know it! Noise can be a potential hazard to your health!
• Uses different graphics vor normal and retinal displays, optimal for the best Präsentation.
• Display of the average and peak value, and maximum memory for both.
• Really easy and intuitive operation.
• The offset can be set manually at any time.
• Relative measurements are possible any time.
• The sampling rate can be changed any time.
• Two analog display panels.
• histogram curve.
• Clean interface.
Additional features:
• Calibration menu
• Support for 180 degree rotation.
• Each setting is stored immediately.
• Internal and external microphone is supported.
• You can select a alternative analog panel.
• Long- term measurements are possible without sleep.
• Reset button to reset max. values, rate and offset.
• Calibrated values are separated for internal / external microphone saved.
• Calibrated values for the iPhone (3G, 3G, 4) and iPod Touch (2G, 3G, 4G) are integrated.
• REC button to record up to max. 1200 measured points. The measuring point of the record can then copy or send it by e-mail, including date and time format in ISO 8601.
• Help- and Information View in English, German, French and Italian.
-> Is continuously perfected <-