Safety Snaps is the quick and simple way to collect and share information on safety, health and environment issues.With Safety Snaps you can take a photo, add a description, select a priority and record your current location. Safety Snaps will also add the time and date.
You can share your Safety Snap by sending a Safety Snap email. This is a simple way to notify those responsible for fixing the problem or for you to keep a record of the problems.
Safety Snaps is suitable for any workplace and helps provide and maintain a safe working environment.
If you see a problem Safety Snap it!

LMRA Laatste minuut risico analyse‎

Voldoet aan de eisen van de VCA. Werkzaamheden op de werkvloer en buiten brengen risico’s met zich mee. Deze LMRA app helpt u de risico’s om u heen te analyseren voordat u met het werk begint.
Voor iedereen die om moet gaan met het observeren en inschatten van risico’s op de werkvloer.
Geen kaart of kaartje meer, maar een app om de LMRA uit te voeren. Deze app is gericht op een aantal specifieke branches. U downloadt de app en beschikt over de volgende LMRA’s:
– Algemeen
– Bouw
– Weg- en waterbouw en grondwerken
– Hoveniers
– Transportbedrijven
– Schildersbedrijven
– Industrie

Site Safety‎

Built for the Construction Industry, Site Safety gives Auditors and Inspectors the mobility and ease of performing essential health and safety checks direct from their iPhones.
With features that include Maps and Locations as well as integrated links to HSE Compliant documentation this App is an all in one package ready to log and report on all of your construction sites.
This innovative App has the ability to generate a FULL PDF Report containing ALL of the results and comments from the tests. As well as percentage marks and full breakdowns the report also generates Action pages that summarize all required actions needed to get your site to the optimum operational standard.
Buying the Upgrade from the Info screen allows you to email the full PDF report. This feature allows the user to attach the report to an email at the simple click of a single button allowing it to be conveniently sent back to the office for review. As with any PDF it can be printed to keep a hardcopy for your company logs.
★ Full Project details (Site name, Job Reference, Project Reference, Auditors, Company Name etc)
★ Environment details (Site Address and Maps image as well as Weather)
★ 11 Categories of Tests
★ Over 80 individual Tests
★ Full Commenting Support for every Category
★ Summary Comments for every site
★ Percentage marks based on test results
★ Variable Percentage pass mark
★ Signature support to sign off the inspection
★ Fully generated PDF Report containing all features