ICSC van Random Support, LLC


International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC)
The ICSC now on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, including the following enhanced functionality:
– Searchable Index of Chemical Names, Synonyms and Trade Names
– Searchable index of CAS Numbers
– Searchable index of RTECS Numbers
– Searchable index of EC Numbers
– Searchable index of EINECS Numbers
– Searchable index of UN Numbers
– Ability to select “Favorite” chemicals for quick access
– All card data available locally on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad; a network or data connection is never required.
The cards are similar to typical MSDS documents with standard contents that include:
– Chemical names, synonyms, trade names
– Molecular mass and formula
– Hazard types
– First aid
– Fire fighting
– Acute hazards
– Exposure prevention
– Packaging and labeling
– Storage
– Spill disposal
– Exposure limits
– Physical description
– Physical properties 

Dräger Gas Detection van Draeger Safety, Inc.


The Dräger Gas Detection App provides a general overview of gas and vapor measurement technology. The basic principle of the Dräger-Tube and Chip Measurement Systems (CMS) are described and a complete listing of the Dräger -Tubes and chips are provided with all relevant measurement parameters. In addition there is an introduction to portable monitors, including electrochemical, catalytic, and infrared sensor technology. There is a complete list of Dräger sensors and monitors for industrial applications. The App is a convenient source for all current information on Dräger portable gas detection products.

NIOSH Chemical Hazards van Random Support, LLC


The complete contents of the 2010 NIOSH pocket guide on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, including the following enhanced functionality:
– 4 Searchable Indexes: Chemical Name/Synonym/Trade Name, CAS Number, RTECS, and UN / DOT Numbers.
– Includes links to associated ICSC documents from the WHO as well as the latest (2008) associated DOT Emergency Response Guide pages.
– Ability to select “Favorite” chemicals for quick access
– The full standard contents of the entire 2010 pocket guide available locally on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and a network or data connection is never required except to send email feedback.
– Supports printing of all guide pages as well as ERG and ICSC pages using iOS 4.2 AirPrint functionality.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Using AirPrint REQUIRES a device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) that has been updated to iOS 4.2 or higher as well as an AirPrint supported printer.
The standard contents of the guide include:
– Chemical names, synonyms, trade names, conversion factors, CAS, RTECS, and DOT numbers
– NIOSH Recommended Exposure Limits (NIOSH RELs)
– Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs)
– NIOSH Immediate Dangerous to Life and Health values (NIOSH IDLHs) (documentation for those values)
– A physical description of the agent with chemical and physical properties
– Measurement methods
– Personal protection and sanitation recommendations
– Respirator recommendations
– Information on health hazards including route, symptoms, first aid and target organ information.
Exclusive content not available in other iPad/iPhone apps:
– NIOSH 2010 Edition Updates incorporated (NIOSH 2010-168c)
– Searchable index of NPG Chemicals by DOT / UN Number

Danger Goods van DRA Safety Specialists Pty Ltd


Not all Dangerous Goods can be stored together, many are incompatible. They may need to have sufficient distances between them to eliminate the risk of fire, explosion, or accumulation of toxic gases from a leak or spillage, etc. This tool minimizes the risk associated with chemical storage by providing practical advice on what can be stored together and what needs to be segregated using internationally recognized guidelines. Make your workplace a safer place to work and comply with the safety laws.
This tool is only intended for use in workplaces where dangerous goods are stored. It is not intended for transport situations. It is not intended for application against open (in use) packages kept on a shelf or bench top within a laboratory/ workshop or similar situation.
The segregation chart is provided to assist persons who are responsible storing dangerous goods to better minimise the risk of storing incompatible goods.

NEXTTEQ – Gas Detector Tubes and Pumps

The new iPhone/iPad/iTouch app from Nextteq puts the Gas Detection section of our website right in your hands!

As the exclusive U.S. master wholesale distributor for the Gastec Corporation, Nextteq offers the complete line of Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps and Detector Tubes to precisely identify and measure gases and vapors. With over 600 applications, we offer a solution for virtually every testing need.
Gastec’s patented gas sampling pumps offer smooth, precise measurements with no risk of partial samples.
Additionally, Gastec systems require fewer pump strokes and provide faster results than leading competitors. Gastec has more detector tubes certified by the U.S. Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) than any other manufacturer. Gastec products are manufactured in ISO-9001 certified facilities.

Note: In addition to the gas detection items listed, Nextteq also offers the following products: Compressed Gas Test Kits for evaluating the quality of supplied air tanks; HazMat Kits for identifying unknown gases; Clandestine Lab Test Kits for measuring gases typically present during the production of illicit drugs; and Field Soil Test Kits for analyzing ground contaminants.

Features of the app include:
– Register and login to your account right from your phone
– Pre-Sorted Listings of Tubes
– View Product details and images
– View Tube datasheets and instructions
– View Troubleshooting and Maintenance guides
– Search Tubes and Products

Keywords: Gastec, Air Sampling, Respiratory Protection, Gas Detection, Hazmat Testing, Water and Soil Analysis

NEXTTEQ – Gas Detector Tubes and Pumps