ROM Camera

“ROM Camera” is the application that can measure the range of motion(ROM) with a camera.
You can measure various ROM by moving “a datum point”, “a datum line” and “a measure point” displayed on a camera freely. It is usable for the rehabilitation of the medical scene or the training of athletes.
The result of the image which measured it can be stored in Smartphone.
Therefore, you can check later and perform the second use such as a patient’s record.
You can measure anything reflected in a camera with this application.
Please find your own valuable and convenient way to use.

Ergo Timer – Lite‎

Dealing with a repetitive stress injury is hard. One of the most important things you can do to help your body heal is change your patterns and take a break. Ergo Timer is the perfect portable reminder to take a break. Can be used to remind you to stretch, take a breather, or just be mindful of what you’re doing.
Adjust your posture, breath, maybe grab something to drink and return to the moment.
Soothing background images
Screen lock functionality
Choice of reminder sounds
Specify your working hours
Vibrate on Notify
Universal app: iphone, ipad and ipod supported.

Save My Eyes

This application was designed for people in a workplace who use computers throughout the day. Most eye doctors will tell you on your regular checkup to use the computer for 20 minutes then give your eyes 20 seconds to focus on something far away.
This app is FREE. Why? We want it to be. Every member of our team uses it daily and find the results this app produces to be of vital importance to our team. We want to share this utility with you. Enjoy =)
Save My Eyes v3 features:
1. iPad Support
2. Screen Rotation (iPad Only)
3. Minor UI Tweaks
4. Work Safe Sounds for those in offices
5. Analytics for usage trends
6. 20 Second Countdown
7. App <20MB
8. Upgraded Default Launch Images
#135 Top Free Business Apps 


ErgoMinder reminds you to perform micro-exercises at your office desk.
If you are spending too much time at the office desk, you need reminders to stretch and exercise. ErgoMinder app helps to you to protect your wrists, eyes, neck, back and other parts of your body.
Researches shows that up to 50% of employees experience some discomfort at the work place. And it grows over time. We don’t exercise because we forget to.
* increased productivity
* overcome body pains
* prevent injuries
* reduce stress
* increased energy
* increased focus
ErgoMinder reminds you to perform micro-exercises via built-in reminder feature. During the work hours the messages will pop-up on your phone screen and will prompt you to do a small exercises in less than 30 seconds.
* Background notifications
* Start and End time for daily reminders
* Random or hourly reminders
* A good selection of reminder Sounds
* Micro exercises (10-30 seconds)
* 7 Categories (eyes, hands, neck, …)
* Turn on/off reminder categories
It costs less than a cup of coffee and it will help you to take care of your body.
Just set it up once and let it work for you.

MMH Calculator Free‎

Met deze gratis versie van de MMH Calculator (Manual Material Handling) kunt u het aanbevolen maximale tilgewicht berekenen. De berekening is gebaseerd op de herziene NIOSH-methode. Deze methode wordt internationaal erkend, en wordt (in vereenvoudigde vorm) ook door de Nederlandse Arbeidsinspectie gehanteerd. De app is geschikt om te worden gebruikt in arbeidssituaties waarin tiltaken voorkomen. Na invoer van enkele kenmerken van de tilsituatie wordt het maximaal aanbevolen tilgewicht berekend, en wordt het risico van de huidige tilsituatie aangegeven. Tevens wordt inzichtelijk hoe de tiltaak verbeterd kan worden. Lees vooral ook de Infotab in de app: daarin wordt aangegeven in welke situaties de NIOSH-methode NIET mag worden gebruikt. Binnenkort wordt de Pro-versie van de MMH Calculator verwacht, waarmee meer belastende activiteiten (duwen/trekken/dragen) kunnen worden geanalyseerd.
Bron: Waters TR, Putz-Anderson V, Garg A, Fine LJ. Revised NIOSH equation for the design and evaluation of manual lifting tasks. Ergonomics. 1993 Jul;36(7):749-76.