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The Simple Accident Reporting App (SARA) is an iPhone App that allows you to report near misses, incidents and accidents in minutes. With the world’s simplest and best near miss & incident reporting app you can actually help prevent workplace accidents before they occur.

Millions are injured at work every year – 600,000 in the UK alone – and the cost to businesses is immense. But don’t wait until there’s an accident before taking action. By simply reporting and investigating you can improve safety in your workplace. And if you’re carrying a smartphone, and one in three of us does, you can complete a near miss, first aid or accident report in a few minutes. No need to print paperwork, switch on a laptop or find a camera. sara does everything.

So ask yourself a question. If you could prevent just one employee from being injured, how much would your business save in time, disruption, money and damaged reputation?

The benefits of near miss & accident reporting are clear:
-Proactively identify & remove hazards before an incident occurs
-Encourage your workforce to take ownership of their own safety
-Demonstrate & reinforce your organisation’s commitment to safety

But getting employees to report near misses is a challenge! When organizations fail to implement a successful near miss reporting system it almost always comes down to one thing – the employees. Maybe they find the form too complicated, they’ve not been trained sufficiently or they’re simply not sure whose responsibility it is to complete the report. Others worry about generating lots of paperwork or feel it’s a waste of time because no one ever follows it up. With sara there are no more excuses…
You can complete a report on your iPhone in a few minutes!
– No paperwork.
– Easy, intuitive & fast reporting system – no training required
– Reporting can be carried out anywhere, at anytime & by anyone
– Cheaper & easier to administrate than a paper-based system
– Immediate reporting via email into the H&S management team
– Facilitates immediate follow-up & action to be taken
– Detailed data capture to enable lessons to be learnt & improvement trends identified
– Bespoke features & modifications available for corporate licence holders

Help put safety on a new platform.

App functionality includes:
– Various text fields to describe incident and action taken.
– Camera, video camera and voice notes to record and send incident detail
– Location Services to pinpoint user location or text field to provide location details
– Record date and time of incident
– Interactive body map to identify injured areas
– Ability to save draft reports
– Generate highly professional incident report to user defined email addresses
– Ability to add your organization’s disclaimer to emails and reports generated

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