#jobsathomeday ‘Papa, ik zou je graag een baan aanbieden als ‘Co-piloot van mijn maanraket’.
In Victoria (deelstaat Australië) is op initiatief van de gemeenschap en ondersteund door WorkSafeVictoria begin februari de campagne ‘February 15: Jobs at Home Day’ gestart. Een campagne dat het belang van veiligheid op het werk erkent en promoot, door ‘De Jouw-Baan-Thuis dag’ te vieren.

Stuur deze pagina/ link door naar iedereen, die thuis nog een andere belangrijke baan heeft en wil stimuleren om veilig en gezond te werken.

De badges (uit de video en op facebook) zijn niet te bestellen vanuit Nederland maar vast prima zelf te maken!
Draag je badge en ik wens jullie allen een feestelijke ‘Jobs-at-home day” gewenst op vrijdag 15 februari!

Recognition for Victorian rocket co-pilots and other ‘jobs at home’

Friday February 15 is Jobs at Home Day – a community initiative that recognises the importance of safety at work, by celebrating the jobs we do at home.
WorkSafe is inviting Victorians to create a free personalised badge for family and friends to wear on the day in recognition of their roles – from ‘Cardboard Castle Architects’ to ‘Executive Jar Opener’ and all jobs in between – via facebook.com/JobsAtHomeDay
Each badge bears the wearer’s name and unique Jobs at Home title as a reminder of their responsibility to make it home from work safely.  The free custom-printed badge is sent via post to the recipient with an official letter of appointment for their role.

WorkSafe executive director of health and safety, Ian Forsyth, said that while the titles on the badges might be tongue-in-cheek, the message was serious.

“Eighteen people didn’t return home from work at the end of the day last year and another 28,000 people were injured badly enough to make a compensation claim,” he said.

“The impact of a workplace death or serious injury has on an individual, their family, colleagues and employers is devastating and can last a lifetime.  We’re urging people to think about those families who, for example, have lost their Dad and Chief Bedtime Storyteller through a work place injury or fatality.

“We hope the badges will spark discussion with employers, workers and their families about their most important reasons and motivations for staying safe at work.

“People can select from a list of job titles or they can create their own. We’d love to see whole organisations and companies participating in the day – proudly announcing that they are going home to resume the role of Sideline Sports Coach or Reluctant Chick-Flick Assistant,” he said.

The campaign supports the recent research, commissioned by WorkSafe, showing that 75 per cent of Australians are defined as much by what they do at home as by their paid employment*.

More than 42 per cent of those surveyed saw themselves in the senior management position of ‘Head of Operations’ in the home, regardless of their title in the workplace.

How to get involved:
Visit the dedicated Facebook page – facebook.com/JobsAtHomeDay – and create a personalised name badge for someone you care about.
Wear your name badge to work on 15 February 2013
Tweet about the initiative using the hashtag #jobsathomeday and share photos of your badge on Facebook
While the badges are only available to Victorians, a shareable digital version is available for interstate families and friends who would like to get involved.
For more information and to make a badge, please visit facebook.com/JobsAtHomeDay
Jobs at Home Day is a community initiative supported by WorkSafe Victoria.

Bron: WorkSafeVictoria