Psychrometer is an application to calculate the various properties of moist air. You can easily calculate values such as dew point temperature and relative humidity. To calculate the water vapor pressure, we use the Tetens(1930) equation. 
– Intuitive operation of slider.
– Temperature units, Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉).
– Volumetric humidity units, (g/m³) and (gr/ft³).
– Specific humidity units, (g/kg) and (gr/lb).
– Pressure units, (hPa), (mmHg) and (inHg).
– Enthalpy units, (kJ/kg) and (Btu/lb) .
– Specific volume units, (m³/kg) and (ft³/lb).
– There are two types of psychrometers, natural and forced ventilation.
The value can be computed:
Relative humidity, Discomfort index, Volumetric humidity, Specific humidity, Vapor pressure, Saturation vapor pressure, Dew point temperature, Enthalpy, Specific volume.


Hygrometer is a application for all models of iphone or ipod touch that
display the outdoor relative humidity. `
The value is displayed as a percentage.
A internet connexion is needed to retrieve the humidity from our weather
server with the the latitude and the longitude.


Wet bulb calculator
Developed by TechnoAlpin, dv media, app-factory, Gabriel Gritsch Software Development
Wat is nieuw in versie 2.0:
New design, new temperature (+1° C, +2° C / +34° F, +36° F)

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